Enterprises continue to seek ways for cost reduction, improving efficiency, and optimizing their global operating models. Real estate and facility management poses as the second largest cost behind personnel. According to KPMG's recent survey, over 70 percent of organizations participating have already outsourced REFM activities, and 50 percent of these organizations plan to outsource more going forward, while under 10 percent plan to outsource less.  A broad range of REFM activities is commonly outsourced. Outsourcing of corporate real estate functions began in the early 1990s. The service provider industry has grown steadily since then, accelerated by growing demand from corporations looking to reduce staff in non-core functions. And many corporate real estate departments have also matured, adding leaders from within their businesses that could speak the language of the C-suite.

Common outsourced services for Real Estate and Facility Management include:

  • • Workplace services
  • • Facilities services
  • • Transactions/brokerage
  • • Lease administration
  • • Project and Program Management
  • • Space management
  • • Real estate and facilities IT
  • • Portfolio strategy/planning

Kalon Brothers is aimed to fulfill the needs of your businesses in the above service areas and beyond. Especially, we specialize the following functions.

  • • Program Management: Deliver services seamlessly on a program basis to save your time and money, with personnel, processes and systems aligned accordingly
  • • Staff Management: Provide high-quality workforces with best pricing structures.
  • • Strategy and Innovation: Take a lead role in strategic planning, business process reengineering, and technology exploitation, and brings new ideas and approaches to client that significantly improve the position of CRE within the company
  • • Standard Processes: Offer standard “playbooks” for each function that can be easily modified to fit client processes, and staff that is well versed in the standards
  • • Integrated Technology: Provide software applications (home grown or third party) that are user-friendly, integrated and accessible on-line
  • • Performance Reporting: Provide timely and accurate auto-generated and ad hoc reports with easy-to-understand metrics and points of accountability
  • • Adapts to your needs: Understand your business, objectives and industry, and bring an effective teaming approach to keep pace with our changing needs

We believe that as the industry evolves, these types of programs will be the norm rather than the exception. We are ready to help you to be the winner of this competitive market during these tough economic times, in quality personnel, standard yet efficient processes and technology that turns data into actionable