Most small-business owners know the needs of reducing the cost on non-revenue-generating activities and focusing on core business functions. From payroll and human resource management to benefits and compensation, entrepreneurs can spend up to 40 percent of their precious day engaged in these necessary but time-consuming tasks. To respond to this challenge, many organizations may be to hire one of the professional employer organizations (PEOs). These companies become the legal employer of your staff and handle all the payroll, benefits and HR functions.

Unlike traditional PEOs, Kalon Brothers adopts outsourcing model to help your HR functions to be streamlined and laser-focused on its core functions i.e. finding, developing, retaining and training the best people for your company by taking care of the rest such as payment processing, data collection, legal compliance and so on. You can leverage our services to access vast high-quality resources with small amount of investment.

Our focused services for your HR functions are:

  • •Data maintenance and management tasks
  • •Data entry, analysis, summarization and reporting services
  • •Scheduled tasks and systems housekeeping activity
  • •HR process design, metrics development and evaluation

We can help you to better, more timely and flexible decision-assistance through an interactive, skilled and focused management information service. Moreover, our services can help you to reduce your time spent on information-intensive administrative tasks.