With the medical loss ratio (MLR) mandate, it’s more critical than ever for health plans to increase the quality of administrative functions while lowering costs. Kalon Brothers utilize onshore, near-shore, and offshore processing centers around the world to offer 365x24x7 service delivery. By combining of a number of discrete services, Kalon Brothers can manage the entire content lifecycle and optimize processes for improving access to, and the quality of, critical information. Kalon Brothers provides qualified yet low-cost healthcare professionals with  coding expertise to facilitate revenue and payment activities and the same time meet regulatory guidelines while you concentrate on your core functions of providing healthcare. We help your end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) at three levels:

  1. • Front end services: Pre admission activities, i.e. Scheduling, eligibility verification, patient credit evaluation, and registration
  2. • Mid level services: Case management, diagnosis and treatment, medical coding and transcription
  3. • Back end service: Claim generation and billing, receivables management , denials management, release of information, payment analysis, reporting and benchmarking

On the back-end RCM, Kalon Brothers provides experienced Health Insurance Forms (Medical Claims) Processing services with skilled workforce to increase your operational efficiency. Our services include mail handling, document scanning and imaging, data capture and storage. Using our software and processes, we ensure 99.99% accuracy in data conversion to prevent payment errors down the line. We ensure that the output data is in a database-ready format so that Insurance carriers can verify a claim quickly and proceed with reimbursement. We an optimal combination of human resources and technology to provide insurance claims processing services to global clients. Our capabilities ensure that you get best in class services at minimized costs. Our focus is on understanding your unique requirements and developing customized solutions to satisfy your needs.