Restaurant management has become more critical for small medium-size restaurants to streamline their internal processes and reduce operational costs in economic downturns. Kalon Brothers provides agile Restaurant Management cloud-based services to help you serve your customers and aid your employees with restaurant transactions and controls.  We provide key Restaurant Management Services (RMS)

  1. • Point of Sales services to assist your employees to fulfill their duties include orders, task transmissions, guest-check settlement, payment processing and charge posting folios.
  2. • Inventory Management services empower your restaurant to become more efficient helping you reduce costs by ensuring proper item production and identifying wastes and theft. The areas include Food and beverage cost control, inventory tracking and reporting, ordering and purchasing history, recipe definition and costing, and menu sales and profit analysis.
  3. • Reservation and Table Management services to simplify the reservation process and table assignments with the goals of maximizing both customer experiences and revenue recognition. Our services can be interfaced with other system for effective promotion and reservation e.g. hotel management systems and customer management systems.
  4. • Delivery Management services to help your delivery personnel to quickly record, dispatch, deliver and track the food orders to your customers. We leverage our real-time delivery management systems to give your staff the ability to identify a calling customer with fewest touches, to assign orders to deliverers (drivers), and easily reconcile the transactions to be performed among drivers.
  5. • Reporting services to generate sales summary, sales details, dish usage, labor usage, and end of day reports whereas all reports can be generated in periodically or in real time through multiple channels.

Our mission is to help small- and medium-size restaurants to build Restaurant Management Services with affordable ways to stream-line your operations. We want to walk with your restaurants into symbiotic operations with technology. We have confidence in the value technology has to offer to restaurants, and will continue to develop solutions that will improve .