The cost of higher education has been rising at a remarkable pace over the last several decades. According to a 2010 study on administrative bloat from the Goldwater Institute, between 1993 and 2007, inflation-adjusted tuition has increased by 66.7 percent at the nation’s 198 leading public and private universities. During the same period, the number of students enrolled in these leading institutions has increased by 14.5 percent, from 3.64 million to 4.17 million. Despite this significant increase in scale, with more students and more resources, higher education has become significantly less efficient. It takes more employees and more dollars to educate each student even as these leading universities grow larger. On the other hand, between 1993 and 2007, the number of full-time administrators per 100 students at America’s leading universities grew by 39 percent, while the number of employees engaged in teaching, research or service only grew by 18 percent. Inflation-adjusted spending on administration per student increased by 61 percent during the same period, while instructional spending per student rose 39 percent. Obviously, the expense of administrative categories in high educational institutions can be more carefully streamlined so that universities can us their resources primarily to increase instructional employment or expenditures, which could be interpreted as an improvement in quality rather than a decline in efficiency.

Kalon Brothers leverages skilled staff and advanced technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your institution's administrative tasks and processes.

  • • Our service of managing your server environment enables your institution to focus valuable resources on activities that grow and support enrollments, develop innovative curriculum, or expand online and blended learning programs. 
  • • Our service of maintaining and updating your technology environment helps you to keep up with the cutting-edge technology solutions with guaranteed service quality and low cost.
  • • Our service of business process services ensures business continuity and risk management of your institutions whereas our datacenters and qualified resources with depth of bench are in place around the globe to help minimize the impact of service to your learners.
  • • Our overarching goal is to help your institution possess sustainable quality of the overall educational experiences. Your learners are satisfied therefore the reputation of your institution is greatly enhanced.

At Kalon Brothers, our mission is established around deploying the latest and greatest technologies to service our customers.  We have an entire team and a funded organization dedicated to help you meet the challenges of staying as an outstanding institution in today's competitive learning environment.