The travel and leisure industry is faced with rapidly rising costs, changing corporate travel policies, increasingly demanding, web-savvy customers, and severe economic pressures. It is important for companies in this sector to find alternate routes to remain competitive. Travel and leisure companies are outsourcing their business operations to improve productivity and remain profitable.

Kalon Brothers helps your company to use BPO/KPO/ITO as a strategy to gain competitive advantage by better managing and leading this transformation. We provide the services portfolio covering processes that support the entire travel and leisure industry striving to help you to focus on the core of your business and improve your service quality while reducing your operational and distribution costs. We provide you the alternatives to manage your capacity and risk in an efficient manner, to save in labor, facility and workload balance, and to leverage experienced travel operations experts. We are competitive BPO provide because we have a broad  expertise in travel operations and have a global delivery delivery centers in India, China, Hong Kong, Philippines and North America. We adopt cloud-based technologies to deliver services and contents according to your requirements. We can help you build both long term strategies and short term tactical solutions so your business can be customized to fit your pace and your very needs.